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Interview with Hot NYC Artist Marko Stout

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  • Interview with Hot NYC Artist Marko Stout

    The popular New York artist Marko Stout has risen from local cult celebrity to fame in the art world after a few high profile sales and shows this year. Many in the art community and media are now comparing Marko Stout and his work to the other famous pop artist, Andy Warhol.

    JS: You’re one of the most popular artists in New York City. Your work is especially popular with the younger generation, why do you think that is?

    Stout: I have a rather large following of people in their 20s and 30s and even teens, especially here in New York. I think for some reason my work and messages really resonate with them and their struggles to get by in the city.

    JS: Who has inspired you in your life and why?

    Stout: Everyone. David Bowie, Andy Warhol, Lou Reed and even fashion guys like Alexander McQueen and Carl Lagerfeld. Certainly a lot of avant-garde film and movies. These styles resonate best with me and are best for my work.

    JS: The subjects are mostly local New York women. Do you have use celebrities in your work?

    Stout: No.

    JS: Why is that?

    Stout: I like Warhol’s Marilyns, Liz Taylors and others, really cool stuff. But, I think the celebrity in art thing is really way over done now.

    JS: A few months ago your colossal female sculptures sold at New York’s Art Expo show to a Berlin nightclub and this was the highest sale at the show. Will you be making more sculptures now?

    Stout: It certainly was a successful show for us. I really like the way our sculptures turned out. I think it added a new dimension to my work. We plan to show a few more sculptures at my upcoming Times Square show. And will likely add some video components are well.

    JS: Do you have any tips for our readers that are trying to break in the industry?

    Stout: Stick with the type of work you like and do you own thing- develop your own style. Don’t try to do what you think other would like. Many critics compare my work to Warhol, but they are wrong it’s my own style- pure Marko Stout, no one else.

    JS: You’ve had some notable career highlights this year. Earlier this spring, you made a historic sale at the ArtExpo in NYC. And, the SoHo Grill bought several of your art prints to display throughout their restaurant. Your work has been described as gritty, penetrating and edgy. Would you describe yourself as the same, or would people be surprised to learn that you have a softer side?

    Stout: I think my work tends to be rather autobiographical, how I view society and the people around me. Some critics are calling my work industrial pop. I kind of like that term. But, it’s not all brooding, I also have a more contemplative side- my dog usually sees these moments

    JS: You work with many different types of mediums, such as painting, photography, film, sculptures and video, so what is your favorite.

    Stout: I don’t like to be limited to just one, I like them all. Lately we’ve been adding or video elements and experimental music to my shows, I think that gives the show a cool vibe and helps with my messages, gives things a more complete package. I really hate quiet sterile galleries where everyone is supposed to be on their best behavior and “take in the work”- fuck that, it’s not me, it’s not my style.

    JS: I also saw an article that stated you were talking with NetFlix about developing a reality show based upon the New York art scene. Can you tell me any more about this project?

    Stout: We have a production team still working out the script and the details. I don’t want the show to focus so much on me. I want it to show the drama that goes on in galleries, art shows and certainly my studio, and the art world in general. I use a lot of models in my work, they’re often competing for attention, this makes for some interesting situations. Also, I want to tell the stories of the outcasts and exotic characters and surrounding us here in New York.

    JS: You obviously have a great work ethic and it’s paying off. For example, the successful preview of Erotic Dreams at the Rivington Street Gallery last month and then attending Art Basel this December. What drives you to be better designer and how do you see yourself evolving?

    Stout: I really like the stage my work is at now, but I have a drive to always improve, better express myself artistically and keep my work relevant, so my most current collections are usually my favorites. Most of my life may be a bit chaotic and unconventional, but I’m rather disciplined when it comes to my work. Recently I’ve been adding more sculpture pieces, video elements and music to my shows. They really help to enhance the experience and what I’m trying to say. In the future, I’ll be working in more performance pieces to the exhibitions- should be really cool.
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    He's got some pretty dope work. Good post


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