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  • BroBart Productions interview

    BroBart Productions
    CEO:Sean Bart
    CEO:Aaron Bart

    1. How long have you been in the music biz? · My name is Sean Bart Co CEO of BroBart Productions. I was student at Middle Tennessee State University, for a degree in Music Business. I attended on in off from the time of August 2012-2015. I received an associate degree & felt that I was at point of change. I have produced Instrumental music for 4 years leading my focus. To depart on a different type of journey consisting of entrepreneurial dreams. -- Personal Music Business involvement will be 6 six years this August · My brother Aaron Bart is my direct partner & co CEO. He leads up the filming & editing, his vision directs the overall media production our audience sees.. He is currently enrolled at the Art Institute of Atlanta. He will be pursuing a Bachelors in Digital Filmaking and Film Production. · The Filming of Jo Peeples music video "BOOTYMEAT" was filmed on January 1st 2016 & released on February 2nd. This embarked the companies first music video & established BroBart Productions as an influence in two platforms -- BroBart Music Business involvement 7 months TOTAL COMBINED EXPERIENCE: 6.5 years

    2. What are some of your biggest accomplishments so far? BroBart has successfully arranged & put together 3 different music videos, with 3 different Hip-Hop artist. We’ve also started a relatively new YouTube show on called "The Big Swisha Show." We have 6 completed episodes with more to come.

    3. What is the wildest thing you've seen on a video set? We were contracted to shoot a behind the scenes video for a music video. This shoot was orchestrated by an up and coming independent artist Yoyo Misunderstood. This video was shot at the Omni Hotel in Atlanta GA, & while in process of shooting the shower scene. The shower was initially turned on in order to create a steam effect. Someone happen to walk in the bathroom and noticed the water coming out of the spout was completely brown. I remember someone specifically referencing the color to “sewage water.” Unfortunately the bathroom love scene was shut down. All due to a busted water line & a little sediment in the water line. lol

    4. Where do you want BroBart to be in 10 years? 10 year goals: · To have manifested a professional reputation and resume, achieved through experiences & accomplishments we’ve both earned. · To have established two successful multi integrated companies that include --BroBart Productions that will turn into a Record Label with a Studio. --Bart’s Arts Entertainment (Film & Video Production) · Fully staffed due to an expanded demand in our product & boost the economy through creating jobs within the economy. · Take on a million dollar Budget to produce a film & music project.

    5. I find it kinda funny that you are often the only white guys in these videos. Why is that? Music videos offer a challenge in video editing, as well as great practice towards learning a wide range of techniques. The Atlanta area has a huge trap based hip hop influence that's embraced in the community. No matter what the dynamics are. Filming is filming in the industry. It does nothing but expand your possible demographics. In order to achieve success within any business, you have to take a necessary amount of risk. We feel that we can bring a different kind of flavor to any general audience. The trap scene just happens to be a niche in Atlanta’s Black Culture and we just love embracing new & different cultures. •"Stepping out of your comfort zone, allows one to perceive many world based perspectives & knowledge."

    6. Describe your work ethic. •We strive to work & always get better everyday. •We wake up every morning assess our responsibilities & top priorities. The art of creating video concepts & fresh new storylines never stop nor do we! When it comes to achieving our goals.

    7. Any advice for a young kid who wants to break into the music biz? Understand that it's a cold industry from the get go. •Be self motivated & hungry to make your own connections. •Network, Network, Network... •Never give up on your dreams. Things never just happen the way you expect them too. When life gets hard just push back harder & make it happen. "The Art of The Struggle" -Poey

    8. What do you think of today's music? On point or mostly trash? Most music today is easy to listen too but mostly trash. It has become diluted with catchy hooks, similar chord progressions, & no lyrical depth.

    9. Who is your favorite artist right now and what is your favorite song? •My favorite artist at the moment would have to be Isaiah Rashad. •My favorite song at the moment would be "Heavenly Father" by Isaiah Rashad.